Saturday, December 21, 2019

Communication Strategies And The Importance Of Effective...

PART 1: COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES AND THE IMPORTANCE OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITHIN THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIPS. The aim of this essay is to describe the communication strategies that are employed during a section of an interview between the actress Meg Ryan and the talk show host Michael Parkinson. Firstly, the essay will identify the strategies used and analyse their effectiveness before considering what other strategies could have been employed which would have been conductive to a more thorough and pleasant interview experience for both parties. Finally, the essay will discuss the importance of communication skills in developing professional relationships with service users, carers and colleagues in order to create and maintain†¦show more content†¦In the video, Meg Ryan appears uncomfortable from the start as she avoids eye contact and is fidgeting with her hair. Parkinson starts by quoting Meg Ryan with the expectation that she would elaborate on the quote, however, she answers with a simple affirmation. She then deflects the question â€Å"So why do it?† back to Parkinson , further portraying her reluctance to continue that line of questioning. Faced with her unwillingness to provide information Parkinson’s style of questioning becomes increasingly aggressive. This can be observed in both the verbal and non-verbal communication strategies employed by the interviewer. Regarding the verbal communication and questioning styles, Parkinson begins with open questions to elicit information, allowing the interviewee to respond in a non-restrictive open ended way (DeVito, 2002). He begins by quoting â€Å"You said once that acting in not in your nature†¦Ã¢â‚¬  with the intention of eliciting information from the interviewee regarding her feelings about acting. However, her response is more characteristic of that of a closed question as she gives a short, focused answer indicating her reluctance to engage with the subject (Skillsyouneed). She also deflects his question â€Å"So why do it?† by responding with

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