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Joseph Stalin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Joseph Stalin - Essay Example Stalin, nevertheless, sought affiliation to a secret organization known as Messame Dassy whose members advocated Georgian independence from Russia. Driven by its cause, Stalin expressed his object of interest in radical activism through which he necessitated to communicate subversive political perspectives of the monarchical Russian government at the time and this led to his expulsion from school in 1899 prior to graduation. As a continuing endeavor of his young yet dynamic passion to oppose and change the system of government in Russia, Stalin fully immersed himself in the studies of communist principles, with particular devotion and credit to the views of prominent socialist figures, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Then he decided to join revolutionary underground Marxist movement in Tpilisi where his active membership to the committee of the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party brought about his arrest, imprisonment, and exile to Siberia from which he managed to escape in 1904. After being caught several times and being able to evade the police authorities in corresponding number therein, Stalin thought of regarding himself as the â€Å"man of steel†, having withstood and released himself from the exile to Turukhansk, an extremely far village lying outside of the Arctic Circle. By the time he reunited with the Marxist movement in Tpilisi which split into two factions – the â€Å"hard† (supporters of Lenin), otherwise known as the ‘Bolsheviks’ and the â€Å"soft† (supporters of Martov) or the â€Å"Mensheviks†, Stalin distinguished himself with the former. Though he played no direct involvement in the October Revolution of 1917, Stalin proved useful in the Bolshevik party due to his practical yet professional application of democratic centralism, a profoundly revered ideology of Vladimir Lenin. Between 1905 and 1906, Both Lenin and Stalin initially met in the congresses of the Russian Social Democratic Worker s Party held in London and Sweden. During the revolution, many detested Stalin’s hostile methods of protest against the government of Russia which used to be consisted of the Romanov dynasty that reigned for 300 years until the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II through the February Revolution. Lenin, however, perceived him a loyal activist that this consequently took Stalin to earn the advantage of handling various posts in the government by Lenin’s approval. For Lenin, who designated him at the Bolsheviks’ Central Committee in 1912, his act of organizing bank robberies and money transport raids back in the years 1904-1905 must be justified as a means to help Bolsheviks raise funds for the revolution even if the Mensheviks treated it as rather an utter deviation from the true philosophy of revolutionary socialism (Joseph Stalin Biography). When Stalin emerged with growing control and power especially over matters dealt with by the Communist Party’s Central Co mmittee where he got appointed the General Secretary in 1922, he gradually formulated agendas that would make him acquire the most suitable path toward higher order of leadership. Upon Lenin’s death in 1924, the triumvirate that constituted him, and the other two prominent

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